Zillow Lays Off 300 Employees Amidst Shift in Company Focus

Zillow has announced that it is laying off 300 employees, most of whom are in customer service roles. This move comes as the company shifts its focus to technology-related positions. Zillow has been expanding its home buying and selling services, so it is likely that many of the new positions will be in those areas.

The layoff news was first reported by TechCrunch, and Zillow confirmed the layoffs in an email to the publication. The company informed its impacted employees of the decision on Tuesday and asked them to leave the premises immediately.

Zillow Offer advisors, PA sales, and back-end staff at Zillow Home Loans and Zillow Closing Services are among those who have been impacted by the layoffs.

In a statement, a Zillow spokesperson said: “As part of our normal business process, we continuously evaluate and responsibly manage our resources as we create digital solutions to make it easier for people to move. This week, we have made the difficult — but necessary — decision to eliminate a small number of roles and will shift those resources to key growth areas around our housing super-app. We’re still hiring in key technology-related roles across the company.”

The layoffs come as Zillow is facing increased competition from other companies in the online real estate space, such as Redfin and Realtor.com. Zillow has been working to expand its reach beyond just home listings and into other areas of the home buying and selling process.

Despite the layoffs, Zillow says it is still hiring for “key technology-related roles” across the company. So if you’re looking for a job in the tech sector, Zillow could still be a good option.

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