Glossier Lays Off More Employees as It Pivots to Retail and Wholesale

Glossier Lays Off More Employees as It Pivots to Retail and Wholesale

DTC Brand, Glossier is laying off again, but this time it is confirmed. The company has laid off about two dozen people, with the majority coming from the tech side of the business. The company is currently hiring for over a dozen new positions that focus on retail, product, supply chain, and wholesale distribution. Glossier is also preparing for more retail openings, with new locations due in Brooklyn, N.Y., and Philadelphia.

Glossier Layoffs

This is not the first time that Glossier has had to lay off employees. The company had a round of layoffs earlier this year that mostly impacted its tech employees. At the time, Glossier said it was “reorganizing” its teams in order to focus on its core business, which is skincare and makeup.

It seems that Glossier is not the only startup to have layoffs this year. In fact, many startups have been forced to lay off employees due to the economic downturn. Another high-profile DTC brand, Allbirds, recently laid off 23 employees.

Although it is never easy to lose your job, it seems that Glossier is doing everything it can to make sure that its employees are taken care of. The company has recently partnered with Sephora, which will help to distribute its products to a wider audience.

Sephora has a larger retail footprint than Glossier, which will help the company reach its goal of becoming a global brand. In addition, Sephora has a strong online presence, which will help to boost sales of Glossier products.

The partnership with Sephora is just one example of how Glossier is pivoting the business to focus on retail and wholesale. The company is also opening new retail locations and hiring for positions that focus on these areas.

It is clear that Glossier is making a concerted effort to make sure that it survives the economic downturn. Only time will tell if these efforts are successful. However, one thing is certain: Glossier is a brand that is here to stay.

What Is Direct-To-Consumer (DTC) Branding?

Direct-to-consumer (DTC) is a type of marketing and business model in which a company sells its products directly to consumers, without going through third-party retailers. Glossier (AllBirds, Casper, etc.) is one example of a DTC brand.

The benefit of DTC brands is that they can build a closer relationship with their customers, as they are the ones who are directly interacting with them. DTC brands can also control the pricing of their products, as they are not subject to the markups that retailers typically charge.

However, one downside of DTC brands is that they often have higher customer acquisition costs, as they need to find new ways to reach their target consumers.

Good luck Glossier!

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